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The Future of Work

What does work look like in the future?  How does artificial intelligence, virtual reality and cryptocurrency play a role?  How will transportation evolve?  We explore exponential technology and how they will impact the way people connect, collaborate and innovate. 

Christian Johnson

Co-founder of MultiPass, Christian Johnson shares his story of how he turned his passions for urban innovation, community, and design into a thriving company.


As an emerging black business and community leader, Johnson has spoken on several diversity panels about minority empowerment.

Johnson is a US Army veteran and former St. Louis police officer. Prior to MultiPass he founded Serving with the Badge, a non-profit dedicated to building relationships between police and the community. In 2016, St. Louis Business Journal selected Johnson for the 30 Under 30 Award.

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Michael Henson

Founder of Unashamed Creative

Good stuff, Christian! It was a pleasure meeting you and the T-Rex gang. Looking forward to many more of these!!

Sarah Schlafly

Co-founder of MultiPass, Sarah Schlafly shares her passions for sustainability, wellness, diversity, and entrepreneurship wherever she travels around the world.


Schlafly has been the guest speaker at Rotary Clubs, Military Officers Clubs, and wellness summits. She has also participated in several women in business panel discussions and has appeared on local news and radio channels.

With a background in small business, corporate America, and military entrepreneurship, Schlafly draws on her experiences, explaining how they shaped her change leadership skills.

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Caroline Fan

Executive Director at Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates

Sarah is a talented interviewer and facilitator who is great at reading audience cues. As a speaker, she is also good at shedding light on weighty issues using her personal experiences.

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