A podcast about how innovators around the world are leading us into the workplace of the future.

What does an entrepreneur need to thrive? Katie Silversmith, founder of Thrive Co, shares her journey designing a space that meets the needs of entrepreneurs not only economically, but also physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Embodying the true spirit of coworking, Jeannine van der Linden has been one of the core leaders in uniting the coworking industry in Europe. Listen to Jeannine's story of her unintentional start into the industry and learn about a coworking hypothesis she's experimenting and testing now.

Mike Thakur, founder of The Work Lodge, takes us on his journey from a dot-com enterprise to a successful U.S.-based coworking franchise. Listen to the inspiring story of how Mike uses The Work Lodge to help others achieve their dreams.

What factors do a global architect, engineer, and design firm consider when creating a space for a company? Listen to these fascinating insights from Kay Sargent, Director of WorkPlace at HOK.

Discover an eclectic workspace in San Francisco plus industry insights from Charles Shaw, the Director of Operations, who is now managing his third coworking space.

Whether you've budgeted for a dorm room or a 5-star hotel, Selina has accommodations and work spaces for digital nomads and remote workers.

How do you take the most dreaded meetings and turn them into powerful company events? We take you behind-the-scenes of Filament with founder Matthew Homann.

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